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What is Bulk Billing

Bulk billing means that the doctor is paid directly by Medicare on behalf of the patient. This means that the amount paid for each medical service is the amount set by the Australian Government, and there is no additional payment required by the patient.

What is Private Billing ?

Private billing is a fee set by the Practice to bridge the gap between what the government subsidises and the costs of delivering care in a private practice. The patient will pay the full fee and receive the Medicare rebate directly from Medicare.

What is Mixed Billing ?

A mixed billing practice will bulk bill some consultations, and private bill others. Langford Medical is transitioning to a mixed billing practice.

Why is the change necessary ?

Our practice delivers a high level of patient medical care with extremely experienced doctors, and for us to continue to provide this exceptional patient care we need to introduce mixed billing to cover the ever-increasing costs of running a medical practice.   The returns we receive from Medicare simply do not cover the costs of operating a general practice.

Who is Eligible for Bulk Billing ?

To be entitled to Bulk Billing, you must hold a current Medicare Card and a valid concession card at the time of each consultation. Bulk billing will be available for the following patient groups for general consultation types:

  • Children under the age of 16 years
  • Current Health Care Card holders – must provide card on presentation to the practice
  • Current Pension Card holders – must provide card on presentation to the practice
  • Dept of Veterans’ Affairs Card holders
  • Government funded vaccinations, Health Assessments, and Care Plans will remain to be Bulk Billed for ALL patients.
  • There may be some out-of-pocket expenses for additional services / and or procedures. Please check with reception staff at the time of booking.
  • Reduced fees may be available at the doctors’ individual discretion.

Failure to Attend Your Appointment

We require a minimum of 4 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend your appointment or wish to reschedule. Failure to do so, or failure to attend your appointment without notice, will incur a $20 fee and this fee will need to be paid in full before you next see the doctor.

How do we make payment

FULL payment is required on the day of your consultation and we will accept payment by cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card (excluding AMEX & Diners). We will submit your account directly to Medicare electronically at the time of your visit and your rebate will be deposited directly back into your nominated bank account. We recommend that you ensure your bank details are up to date on my.gov.au to avoid any delays in receiving your rebate.

Workers’ compensation, Motor Vehicle or Third-Party Claims

Workers’ compensation, motor vehicle and third-party consultations are to be paid at the time of consultation until a letter of liability or Claim number from the insurance company is provided.

New Patients

Please be aware that if you are a new patient, you will not be bulk billed for your first consultation, and the fee for this visit may be higher, as sometimes a longer consultation is required for your first consultation.

Telehealth Appointments

All telephone consultations are charged privately, and pre-payment is required at the time of making the appointment.  Following your consultation, we will submit your account electronically to Medicare to claim your rebate.  If you have not been seen in the practice face to face in the past 12 months or you do not have a Medicare Card, it will be at the doctor’s discretion as to whether they are happy to provide you with a telephone consultation, the reception can advise you of this at the time of booking.  Pre-payment is required at the time of booking the appointment, and it will not attract a Medicare rebate.

Repeat Prescriptions without an appointment

There will be a non-rebatable fee of $30 for any request for prescription repeats. Please be advised that the doctor always has the right to decline a request for a repeat prescription on clinical grounds and may request to see you in person.

How will I know the cost of my appointment before I come in?

Our reception staff will endeavour to provide you with an estimation of the cost of your appointment, however, please keep in mind that we are only able to provide you with an estimation based on the information you provide and the type of consultation you require. The cost of your appointment may change depending on the length (time) of your consultation, how many issues you have to discuss with the doctor, and whether there is a procedure involved in your consultation.